UFC Rankings

#1 Khabib Nurmagomedov

28-0-0. The question on everyone’s mind throughout the build up was can the highly regarded Dustin Porier prove a challenge for the current UFC Lightweight champ. The answer was not even close, the champ mauled Dustin with relative ease to add to his undefeated record. Dustin summed it up best when he said to his corner “I can’t get him the f**k off me, man”, furthermore at this moment in time i cant see one fighter who can stop Khabib. The #1 spot goes to the most dominant fighter the UFC has ever witnessed.

#2 Jon Jones

25-1-0. After scraping a split decision victory against Thiago Santos, Jones himself admitted he wasn’t happy with his own performance. However like usual he got the job done. Regardless of what you think of him, Jon has consistently shown that when the going gets tough he’ll be right there ready to pick you apart. For that reason alone i dont think he will be dropping down the list anytime soon especially with the lack of competition in the lhw division.

#3 Henry Cejudo

15-2-0. CHAMP CHAMP STATUS. One of my personal favourite fighters. The king of cringe is on one of the best runs ive ever seen. Starting with his performance of the night against Reis then his unanimous decision against Pettis, Henry started to make some noise in the flyweight division. I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted what happened next. Beating one of the p4p goats (Demetrious Johnson) to beating another p4p goat (TJ Dillashaw) to then dispatching a man 20lbs bigger than him (Moraes). What can this man not do!

#4 Amanda Nunes

18-4-0. Similar to Khabib’s dominance in the Lightweight Division, no one has been able to upset the Lioness. On an insane win streak including Valentina Shevchenko twice, Ronda Rousey, Cyborg and Holly Holm, there is no debate to who the queen in Womens MMA is.

#5 Stipe Miocic

19-3-0. It looked certain that Stipe’s status as the greatest UFC Heavyweight was over going into the fourth round against DC but a genius change in gameplan led to Stipe piecing up DC’s body and eventually going up top and finishing DC. The brilliance of the change in gameplan has kept Stipe in our top 5 P4P rankings, however the question is can he pull the cat out of the hat next time against the highly regarded Daniel Cormier.

#6 Daniel Cormier

22-2-(1). Fan favourite Cormier was finished by Stipe in his last fight, a fight he shouldve undoubtedly won considering he was three rounds up going into the fourth. After piecing Stipe up for three rounds, Cormier seemed to get overconfident and abandoned his wrestling leading to him paying the ultimate price after Stipe TKO’d him. However going into the trilogy fight Cormier is expected to win should he stick to his tactics and incorporate his infamous wrestling more. Despite the loss, Cormier is one of the all time greats in the UFC and deserves a spot in this p4p list without a shadow of a doubt.

#7 Max Holloway

21-4-0. At only 27 years old, Max is already considered as one of if not the best featherweight to ever grace the UFC. After Dustin Porier put an end to Max’s 13 fight winning streak, there was abit more pressure than usual for his featherweight title defence against Frankie Edgar however Max showed just why he is one of the greats completely outclassing a determined Frankie. His relentless cardio and precise striking means that it is unlikely he drops off this list anytime soon, abit more power and im sure he causes all sorts of problems in the Lightweight division too.

#8 Israel Adesanya

18-0-0. Undefeated, undisputed and a complete superstar. Israel is a dream come true for all UFC fans. Active, charismatic, fearless what more could we ask for. Watching him come into the UFC less than two years ago and running through the division all the way to champ has been a hell of a roller-coaster for everyone to witness. Like him or not, his star power, striking and incredible take down defence propels him into our top 10 list.

#9 Tony Ferguson

25-3-0. 7 years. A winning streak lasting 7 years and still no title shot. The UFC should be doing everything they can to get this lunatic a title shot. Khabib vs Tony is the fight every fan wants to see, his relentless cardio and skills off his back may be the key to beating the eagle; if the MMA gods have any heart they’ll make this fight soon for us all.

#10 Kamaru Usman

15-1-0. After a flawless 13 fight winning streak, Usman produced a perfect performance against Woodley to become the Welterweight champion. Usman completely outworking Woodley was a testament to who he is and the type of never give up attitude he showcases, however will he be able to keep his spot on this list by beating the notorious Colby Covington.