Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal are far from the only two bad m***********s in the game, this post will explain why they are so badass as well as go through 8 other fighters that could make a claim for that belt.

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Jorge Masvidal

Gamebred is as authentic as they come, the man has been through it all when it comes to the fighting game. A true veteran of the sport, Masvidal made his start literally brawling on the street, since then hes fought across the world including Japan, Costa Rica and Russia. Many fans forget just how long Masvidal has been “game” for.

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No longer street fighting, Masvidal has become one of the UFC’s biggest stars in a matter of months. His back to back wins against Darren Till and Ben Askren have put the mma world on alert due to how vicious they were. Gamebred true to his word left both fighters unconscious, shocking the world in the process. Fans have since flocked to him claiming him to now be one of the baddest m***********s in the game but the truth is he’s been a true BMF since day 1.

Nate Diaz

Masvidal will be up against “The Stockton Slugger” on the 2nd November. Similar to Masvidal, fans have flocked to Nate Diaz because of how badass he is. He’s slapped Khabib, smoked a joint at pre workouts, taunted whilst having opponents in submissions, walked down opponents whilst covered in his own blood, the list goes on. Its safe to say Nate is a pure thug inside and outside the octagon just like his brother Nick.

Since shocking the world at UFC 196 where he submitted Conor Mcgregor, Nate has been in full control of his own destiny, abiding by nobody’s rules but his own. When he felt the UFC wasn’t treating him right, he pulled out of the dustin fight and sat on the sidelines until the UFC came crawling back; when USADA found out Nate had tested positive for trace amounts of a banned substance, he demanded they clear his name straight away and so they did. Like it or not, were all living in a Nate Diaz world.

Max Holloway

The fact that Holloway has cleared out a division multiple times, (now riding a 14 fight wining streak in the featherweight division including beating Aldo*2, Pettis, Ortega and Edgar) means he’s undoubtedly worthy of a claim to the BMF belt.

In addition to that, many fighters claim they’re willing to fight anyone anywhere but Max is the real deal. Although the fight didn’t go ahead, Max was the first to step in when they needed a replacement for Khabib at UFC 223, attempting to cut nearly 40lbs in such a short time span goes to shows the type of character he has. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really did fight DC at heavyweight!

Lastly, how could anyone forget one of the most badass moments in UFC history. The moment he started swinging with Lamas was the moment he cemented himself as a bad m**********r.

Jon Jones

Forget all his christianity talk these days, this man is still one of the baddest fighters to ever grace the octagon. Where do we even start with Jon, partying and doing cocaine days before a title fight and winning? Becoming the youngest UFC champion at age 25? Never legitimately losing? This man is one bad m**********r

As much as he wants to convince fans he has changed and that his days of recklessness are over, they’re not. He’s still getting caught cheating, there’s still videos of him partying and he’s still trying to get under his opponent’s skin given any chance whilst ultimately remaining undefeated and one of the best to ever grace the octagon. Love him or hate him, he definitely deserves a claim to be one of the baddest in the UFC.

Thiago Santos

The tattoo of Thor’s hammer says it all really. This man is as fearless and powerful as they come. When Santos steps into the cage, you are guaranteed destruction; the fight against Manuwa instantly propelled him into one of the baddest in the UFC, landing bomb after bomb on Manuwa chin. No man should ever have to go through what Manuwa went through. How Manuwa lasted that long only god knows.

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Despite losing to Jon Jones, he still proved how badass he is in that fight, Santos injured his ACL,MCL,PCL and meniscus all in the first round and still he won on one judge’s scorecard and lost by only a point on the other two. They don’t come more durable, powerful and scary than the Brazilian powerhouse, thats for sure.

Amanda Nunes

It’d be hard to argue that the first two division champ in Women’s MMA shouldn’t be on this list. On her 9 fight win streak Nunes has gone from strength to strength, beating killers at every turn of the way including Cyborg, Holm, Rousey and Shevchenko. Nunes hasn’t just cleared out a division, she’s cleared out the whole of Women’s MMA.

Furthermore, Nunes didn’t just beat two of the greatest women’s fighters to ever grace the octagon. She destroyed them. Coming into the fight as the betting underdog, it was doubtful she could beat Rousey – the most feared fighter in the women’s division at the time. However Nunes had other plans, instead she demolished Ronda in the first round, ending Rousey’s MMA career. Likewise Nunes came into the Cyborg fight as an underdog but again she had other plans opting to annihilate Cyborg in the first round. Nobody gets the job done as vicious and as dominant as the Lioness.

Justin Gaethje

Every single one of Justin Gaethje fights have one thing in common, pure chaos. Having only had six fights in the UFC, Gaethje has racked up four fight of the nights and three performance of the night awards. This man loves to put on a show. Despite his incredibly strong wrestling background, Justin instead chooses to go to war in each fight by headhunting and taking bombs to dish out some. couple that with the fact he’s won 18 of his fights by KO/TKO leaves you with one of the most badass fighters in the UFC.

Gaethje is currently on a 3 fight win streak, all 3 fighters have been annihilated in the first round. Cowboy, Barboza and Vick all suffered the same fate after Justin walked them down and knocked them clean out. What makes Gaethje so badass is he simply doesn’t care about his health, he takes disgusting shots to the chin in every fight but rather than change his gameplan, he’ll keep hunting. A true BMF.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

28-0. That’s all i need to say. The most dominant champion to ever grace the octagon. Nobody has landed a significant strike, nobody has hurt him, nobody has even come close to winning against him. A true bad m***********r, he goes out there and gets the job done time and again.

In addition to his dominance, his trash talk inside the octagon makes him a BMF. True to his word, Khabib dominated Conor Mcgregor over four rounds before eventually submitting him. But what made this fight so wild was Khabib spewing trash talk whilst trying to punch a hole in Conor’s face. He told Conor he was going to pay for his disrespectful behaviour, and true to his word he did, i just don’t think anyone thought it would be as vicious and dominant as it was.

Israel Adesanya

Less than 2 years ago, Stylebender joined the UFC. Let that sink in. In less than 2 years he’s cleared out the middleweight division beating the likes of Brunson, Silva and Gastelum before taking full advantage of his title shot by TKO’ing Robert Whittaker. Everything the middleweight champion said has came true since joining the UFC, he said he would beat the best of the best, he said he would become the middleweight champion, he said he would be a star and its all come to fruition.

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In addition to him rising through the ranks so fast, the heart he showcase against Gastelum was phenomenal. Everyone knew Israel was an exceptionally talented fighter coming into the bout, but he surprised everyone with his ability to dig deep and keep going when it looked like he had nothing left in the tank. That 5 round war proved to everyone, he is one BMF.

Jeremy Stephens

To even think for a split second that Stephens was ducking Yair after that legitimate eye poke is ludicrous. Jeremy is a true BMF, always choosing to fight the best of the best. The man has fought Holloway, Aldo, Edgar, Pettis, RDA, Zabit, Yair, Cowboy etc. The list is ridiculous, a BMF is willing to fight anyone, anywhere and that’s exactly what Jeremy Stephens is all about.

With 28 wins and 17 losses, Jeremy has had a combined 46 matches in the Octagon. Insanity. A true underrated veteran of the sport, we salute you Jeremy.

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