UFC 244 Prediction – Wonderboy vs Luque

They’ve really spoiled us with UFC 244, two of the most diverse strikers in the welterweight division go head to head on the 2nd November. Luque will be looking to cement himself as a new contender in the division whilst Wonderboy himself needs to prove he can still contend for that belt.

Stephen Thompson (14-4-1) is coming off back to back losses, without a win in two years Wonderboy needs to show the world he’s not just a journeyman but in fact hungry for the title. And what better way to prove he’s still one to watch than facing a new contender in Vicente Luque, a powerhouse who has won his last 6 fights with only 1 going to a decision.

Despite Wonderboy being the much better striker, Luque has more KO/TKO’s on his record with 10 of his 17 wins occuring in the first round. Thus Luque’s whole game revolves around coming out the gate with all out aggression, looking for any chance to put the opponent down as quickly as possible. Even though Luque has had great success with his hands, he’s also a seasoned grappler holding a brown belt in jiu jitsu and a purple belt in Luta Livre (A Brazilian martial art).

Luque is likely to find it near impossible to have success with his all out aggression against Wonderboy – one of the best at managing distance. There is no one better at thwarting attacks than Wonderboy, his ability to read strikes and place the perfect counter is second to none. It would be no surprise if Luque gets frustrated very quickly and decides to take this fight to the ground.

The smart money is on the experienced Wonderboy in this bout, no one can outstrike him in this welterweight division and Luque’s grappling is not a big enough advantage to win this fight on the ground either. Wonderboy by unanimous decision is the verdict.